PTSA hosts Pumpkin Painting Palooza


photo by Grace Hilton

Freshmen Ava Bess and Samantha Nicolas painting their pumpkin red, half Spiderman themed and half Captain America themed. The theme of the competition was superhero.

The PTSA Student Ambassadors hosted the Pumpkin Painting Palooza, an event intended for new students to get to know other people at the school. Held on Oct. 26, the competition lasted from 1:30 until 3 p.m. in the pavilion.

“We have a group where we discuss upcoming events and how to plan them,” student ambassador Lauren Medlock said. “[We] put a lot of time and effort into getting the pumpkins.”

All the pumpkins, paint, food and prizes came free to anyone who attended the event with the goal of drawing more students in. The club has hosted several events with this goal, such as the Lunch Bunch, where a collection of ambassadors sit with new students every other Wednesday.

“The student ambassadors’ new student meeting that they had before was really fun and I just really wanted to join after that,” freshman Michelle Henry said.

Students were competing to have the crowd favorite pumpkin, with a vote taking place when everyone finished. The theme was superhero, in which each team of two to three students took creative liberties and produced a unique array of pumpkin art. Thirty participants, a mix of ambassadors and students, created fifteen pumpkins with different designs.

“I think [the event is] really cool because we’re getting to know a lot more people,” junior Korielle Brodsky, who made a Ninja Turtle pumpkin said. “I wanted to meet new people and have fun by painting pumpkins.”

When the time came, students lined their pumpkins up on a table and everyone gathered around to observe and choose their favorite. To decide the winner, each person was to put their head down and raise their hand when the pumpkin they liked was described. The winner of the event was a group of three led by sophomore Sydney Deford, who painted a black pumpkin with a purple mask. In second place, another group of three led by junior Jordan Wood, painted a city skyline with Batman inspired artwork.

“We weren’t that confident about it, but we ended up winning so it felt good,” second place winner Jordan Wood said. “The event was really interactive and everyone was able to collaborate.”

The PTSA Student Ambassadors will have another Lunch Bunch event, as well as ‘Friendsgiving’ on Nov. 16 in the Group Projects Room from 1:30 to 3 p.m.