Seniors win Powderpuff, 28-21


photo by Chatham Ferrell

Junior Antonietta Feroce running towards the right sideline on the junior’s first scoring drive.

On Thursday, Oct. 25 the junior and senior girls squared off in the annual powderpuff game. The seniors came out on top, 28-21, with big plays from both sides, including a 73-yard touchdown run by junior Brianna Neris in the second quarter.

The game opened with a 75-yard touchdown run by senior Julianna Souza, and the scores kept coming. With a three and out by the juniors, senior Taylor Waters scored on the next drive, making it 14-0 with six minutes left in the first.

By the end of the first quarter, the juniors answered with a touchdown of their own, going into the second quarter down by seven.

On the juniors next drive, Grace Germer broke out with a 60-yard run that then led to a touchdown. Germer finished the game with two of the three touchdowns.

“We all did our job and all the teamwork was amazing,” Germer said.

Aside from the football, one of the most anticipated parts of the night was the halftime shows from the junior and senior cheerleaders, boys from each class wearing tight-fitting, borrowed cheer outfits.

The juniors and seniors both created and rehearsed halftime show to go against the other class.

“We out-performed the juniors in all aspects, and we did a great job,” senior cheerleader Brock Ferrari said.

Senior coach Marc Pooler coached the seniors to another two touchdowns, and on the last drive of the game, holding the juniors to a punt to end it.

“You saw team effort right there,” Pooler said.

The homecoming football game is on Friday, Oct. 26 and then the homecoming dance on Saturday.