Girl Up club holds first meeting


The co-president of the girl up club explains when the club’s future meetings will take place.

Girls in other countries may not have a chance to go to school, but girls in America have a chance to try and change that. On Friday, Sept. 2, the Girl Up club had its first meeting and introduced members to their goals for this year.

The Girl Up club, unlike many other clubs, is not simply a school-wide club. There are more than 1,000 Girl Up clubs worldwide. During the meeting, co-presidents Alyssa Martin and Juliana Voelker showed a video on how Girl Up clubs around the world have benefitted girls in developing countries.

“We want people to know that Girl Up is a club that will impact. The impact may not be immediate, nor apparent to one person, but across the globe there is a girl that will get an education because of the money we raise,” Voelker said.

In addition to raising money and doing projects to benefit girls in other countries, the Girl Up club is also pairing up with another Girl Up club in Mexico to be pen pals and brainstorm ways to help girls in developing countries succeed.

“It was a good opportunity for our student body to do something that reached beyond our campus,” club sponsor Romina Jannotti said.

The Girl Up club’s focus also includes the local community. The club plans to volunteer at places like nursing homes and women’s shelters in order to benefit women in the community. The club will also hold fundraising events   to raise money for their cause.

“Finding a sense of community is important and having one that comes together for a common cause makes it even better,” Martin said.

Those who wish to be an active member of the club must pay a $15 fee, attend three meetings every semester and participate in at least three club activities. Members of the club are not limited to girls. The signs the club used to advertise their first meeting specified that the club was open to anyone who wanted to help improve the lives of girls worldwide, regardless of their gender. Several boys attended the first meeting and were welcomed into the club.

“I don’t want them to think that it’s just for girls. It’s for everybody in the population,” Jannotti said. “I think boys can join this club just as well.”

The club will continue to meet on the first Fridays of the month and welcomes new members.