Keeping Up with the Clubs: MSA & Girl Up

On Feb. 17, the Muslim Student Association and Girl Up held a joint meeting. The meeting educated members of both clubs about women in Afghanistan and the injustice Islam faces. 

“[ I ] learned more about what’s happening in the world and how we can help all girls get the education they deserve,” Girl Up secretary Jazlyn Compton said. 

Members of MSA talked about what is happening to women under Sharia Law, rules the Taliban created to control Muslim women. Then, Girl Up vice president Nadia Knoblauch presented how the groups will be helping this cause and where their funds will go. 

“We can support women in Afghanistan who have lost their jobs and education through first aid, food, clothing, and other financial benefits,” Knoblauch said. “We are able to write back and forth with her, kind of like a pen pal, that way we can see how our donation supports her.” 

For their fundraisers, MSA sold roses, raising $130. Girl Up created stickers and will have three designs to sell for $2-3 with an end goal of $700 if they sell out. The funds will pay $35 a month for the group’s donation cost. 

Girl Up is still accepting donations for their menstrual drive to be sent to a local women’s shelter. Donations can be dropped off in sponsor Julie Duncan’s room 3-204. 

The next Girl Up meeting will be in mid-March where they will hand out stickers for members to sell and prepare for sales during both lunches.