Backyard Bash celebrates seniors


photo by Hagerty PTSA

This year to celebrate the seniors, after practice graduation the PTSA is holding a Senior Backyard Bash -“The Senior Sendoff”-on May 16.  It will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The event will include food, photo backdrops, inflatables, Jeremiah’s, candy bars , a DJ, and prizes and is also free to all seniors.

Cole Engineering Services and many parent volunteers have managed to collected $3,000 in prizes include a TV, mini-fridge, dorm/apartment items, gift cards, cash, and more items.

The PTSA is holding this event as a final hoorah for the seniors. This a tradition that started long ago which recognizes the success of the seniors.

“Often we look immediately towards college, trade school, or whatever is next and it is important to take time to celebrate our successes, not just at graduation but throughout our lives,” Senior Activity Chair Char Lugering said.

It is a big deal for the seniors and their parents and friends because it is the final goodbye to many of the people they were with during high school.

“It will be the one of the last times I hang out with my friends and other people that are in my class before we all go our separate ways,” senior Emma Register said.