Ahilyn Aguilar: Multimedia/Web Journalist of the Year

As editor-in-chief of HagertyJournalism.com, I aim to tell more than just a story, and multimedia journalism has given me the freedom to do this. For every story, I start with text, but I also use multimedia formats to engage readers: photo galleries, infographics, links, videos — these digital tools and platforms help share the stories.

Although I’ve always been excited about multimedia journalism, my passion flourished making the Hurricane Irma ThingLink. Building a visual, collecting pictures, and looking for stories made the event more meaningful than a just story with a link. For the past three years, I’ve encouraged my staff to have the same enthusiasm toward multimedia. By finding interactive tools, making how-to PowerPoints, and leading a multimedia session at FSPA, I’ve served as an example; motivating to aim for more than the typical story.

Under my leadership, my staff and I have accomplished to turn HagertyJournalism into a reader-interactive website, with every story having its own multimedia element. After reading about my multimedia experience and looking at my work, I would be honored to be selected as Multimedia/Web Journalist of the Year.

*multimedia elements are generally at the bottom of each story

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