Concert prepares chorus for Solo and Ensemble


photo by Shayne Watson

Concert Choir Ensemble singing “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”.

The lights were out and the spotlight focused on sophomore Olivia Martin who stood nervously on the outskirts of the stage. With her dress clutched tightly in her fists, Martin traveled toward center stage. She looked out into the audience and was greeted with her family and friends eager for her performance, and her nerves began to fade away.

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Chorus held a concert in the auditorium for all friends and family to listen to the pieces that have been prepared for this year’s Solo and Ensemble competition. The concert lasted two hours and highlighted many solo vocalists.

This year solo and Ensemble will be held on February 1, at Southwestern middle school.  Solo and Ensemble competition tests students on their singing abilities. Students sing before a judge in hopes to receive a “superior” score.

“It’s incredibly stressful just singing in a small room with someone critiquing your every sound,“ said Martin.

This concert alleviated these stresses for many students by providing a space for them to feel supported.     

“It’s great to perform in front of people you are comfortable around to help boost your confidence before singing in front of strict judges,”  said sophomore Kelsey Curly.

Many of the performers performed solos that were entirely in a different language, including  Lainey Butler who performed “Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento” or “I Do Not Feel in My Heart more”.

The concert also provided an opportunity for the students to see each other perform. With multiple chorus classes many students are split up in rehearsals and, the concert allowed for all classes to show what they have been working on.

“The men’s pieces are always great because I’m in an all girls choir so it’s fun to see the guys work hard to stand out,” said Curly.  

Piktochart by Ahilyn Aguilar