Tara’s Take: Senior crowns don’t have to be stressful


Senior Maria Puccio-Ball decorated her crown with lights. She wanted to add a special touch in order to make her crown more unique.

Tara Routie, Staff Reporter

Did you get roasted for your old crown because it’s not good enough? Are you so excited to make your senior crown, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe, you procrastinated and need to make one soon?

Here are some tips for making your crowns. Underclassmen, pay attention. Your time is coming.

Crowns are a tradition where senior students decorate a crown and wear it every Friday, especially during football season. While some make their crown very simple and just paint it, others go full out with stickers, flowers, and even feathers. It’s a great opportunity for friends to come together and have some fun while getting crafty.

Crown basics are pretty self explanatory. Go to Burger King, get a crown (don’t worry, they’re free), treat yourself to some chicken fries, then go home and get started. You can stop by the craft store for supplies, but if you are not feeling crafty and want to save money, take a trip to your garage and look for supplies.

Tara’s Tip #1: Avoid hot glue. Unless you have no other adhesive, stay away from hot glue because it will cause your hard work to fall off.

“Once the glue got cold, it didn’t stick to the paper crown that much,” senior Danielle Muse said. “I had to get creative and ending up finding crack sealant, which worked perfectly.”

While most stick to school colors and paw prints, others aim for a completely different theme like  sports or memes. Cross-country runner Maria Puccio-Ball didn’t want the typical blue and black crown, so she decided to go with a running theme while adding some special touches.

“I really wanted to have lights, so I put dancing lights around my red crown to make it fun,” Ball said. Ball’s crown has eight different light settings

Tara’s Tip #2: You don’t need to spend a lot on your crown. Senior Dawson Rivadeneira made a black crown with a gold outline and wrote “legendary” on it without breaking the bank. Unless you count the gas money he used to get to Burger King, Rivadeneira spent next to nothing on his crown.

Tara’s Tip #3: Do not spend a lot of money on it, seriously.

Feel free to go full out on your crown, but it isn’t necessary.  Still make one so you can be part of the fun, however.

Tara’s Tip #4: Don’t think you’re too cool to make your senior crown. It is okay to have some school spirit. After all, you won’t make a senior crown in college.

“It’ senior year. Do everything so you can look back and say that you at least tried,” Ball said