Ben and Nate

Jumpman jumpman jumpman


Courtesy of BOING! Jump Center

Ben Clyatt and Nathaniel Kauffman

Ben: After dying in the heat with FootGolf, we decided that we wanted something air-conditioned. After a very scientific study (a.k.a. brainstorming places nearby), we chose Boing.

Nate: Yes, we’ve all been there as a kid for birthdays, but just how fun would this souped up bounce house be now that we’re grown up?

Ben: To put this to the test, we took a group of our friends to Boing on a Wednesday. They don’t open until 4, which meant we showed up as soon as they opened, and we were only there for an hour, which cost $13.

Nate: We mostly had the place to ourselves, which was nice because we didn’t have to wait in between games of dodge ball. And an hour was the perfect amount of time because I think we were all relatively gassed at that point.

Ben: We started with a little warm-up of just bouncing around on the main trampolines, then headed off to the dodge ball arena. There were only four of us, which meant we could play two on two for pretty much as long as we wanted.

Nate: That is until a boy in a green shirt showed up. This kid was, like, 10 but got Ben out at least four times (then again, who didn’t?).

Ben: Who didn’t? I’m confident you didn’t.

Nate: I know I did. But playing dodge ball in close-quarters is a mind game. Knowing which way to move when the ball is coming or if you should catch it is the hardest part. Add a trampoline and that makes it more fun.

Ben: And I don’t know what makes those balls so much different than any other ball, but they are hard to catch. Nearly every time someone got out, it was because they tried to catch it but just couldn’t hold on to it.

Nate: *Insert deflate gate joke here*

Ben: As difficult as it was, it was really cool going when no one else was there. We never had to get off or wait in line, and we could switch the teams up whenever. We even put some weird rules in, like you could only throw and catch with your left hand, things like that.

Nate: If you went on a weekend, you would spend more time waiting to play than actually playing. We need to go back, not just because it was fun, but because we need redemption for that loss at the end, which I blame Ben for. But at least we were able to witness the one-on-one match-up of our friend Tommy (a big boy) and green shirt’s teenage cousin (a big girl).

Ben: That match-up was one to remember. And I know that in order for us to lose, you have to get out too, and you did every time, big dawg.

Nate: Well all I know is that with the series tied 2-2, you got out within seconds of the game starting, leaving me to play one on two with not a single ball on our side, big dawg.

Ben: The only reason we were tied 2-2 was because you got out when we were up 2-1, and I was forced to play two on one, BIG DAWG.

Nate: But the only reason I ever got out was because I had to carry the team and your weak arm, BIGGEST DAWG.

Ben: Here lies the body of Ben Clyatt. Born January 27, 1998. Deceased October 29, 2015.

Nate: Either way, we hope for a better outcome next time. Boing was definitely just as fun as I remember, and I would recommend going whether you went as a kid or not, and definitely go on a weekday when it’s not crowded.

Ben: Yeah, and if you get bored of the trampolines or dodge ball, there’s completely free arcade on weekdays. We had a little air hockey tournament, and there are also driving games, shooters, and one of those basketball pop-a-shot games (I nearly dropped 40 and then got kicked out because our hour was up).

Nate: And if you weren’t a fan of the old ankle braces (that were worn by a million other sweaty kids), you will likely appreciate the new grip-socks that you now get to keep.