Stop senioritis and prepare for prom

Jessica Ritchie, Staff Reporter

The added stress of last minute shopping trips on the day of prom is not how anyone wants to spend their big day. While prom night seems far away, there is very little time to get everything in order. There already seems to be a short supply of everything from dresses to beauty appointments. Taking some time now to make sure everything is in order can help prevent last minute panic attacks.

Stores that sell only one dress of the same type per school are now running out of options. Many students like unique stores such as Sassy’s Bridal because they guarantee they will sell only one of each dress style to a specific school. As a result of this policy, there are no awkward situation of walking into prom and seeing someone in the same dress. With limited availability, going out for a dress shopping day now will help make sure there is no last minute dress stress.

Macy’s, Dillard’s, and other department stores are nearly sold out of formal dresses. The remaining dress options are limited. The Macy’s in Sanford only has three racks of dresses. Keep in mind that the competition for the perfect dress comes from every other senior in the Orlando area. Waiting until the week before prom to buy a dress is a sure way to get stuck with an unflattering or overpriced dress.

Macys and Dillards have cheaper dresses than designer boutiques. As the price goes up, so does the amount of rhinestones and glitter. But remember that all that shine not only comes at a price but who wants to wear a 25 pound dress weighed down with fake gems? Girls think that they need to spend $400 of mommy and daddy’s hard earned cash on a prom dress. But prom is a one night event and then that dress is buried in the back of a closet. Think about saving some of that money for things that really matter like that college textbook you are excited to buy.

Hair and nail appointment availability is also running thin due to the two Oviedo schools deciding to have their biggest party of the year on the same night. So unless students plan on having a mom-made hair style, booking an appointment as soon as possible would be a great way to be prepared. With about 500 girls from both schools needing their hair styled on April 11, there is bound to be some crying over missed hair appointments.

Not having a hair appointment is not the end of the world. So if someone decides to save some money, and to do hair and make-up at home, practice before the big night. Realizing at the last minute that their hair is too short for that creative up-do, or that the brand new make-up causes an allergic reaction will result in an unnecessary meltdown on the day of the biggest dance of high school.

Waiting until the last minute always leads to panic and increases stress levels that are already soaring due to final exams. Prom is the reward for surviving senior year so do not get caught unprepared by waiting until the last minute. There are still options available, although they are limited, for anyone who still needs to iron out those few last minute details. Prom is a celebration of senior year. Do not let procrastination, and senioritis get in the way of a great night.