Save the children

Haley Gaesar, Managing Editor

The worst thing in the world is when you drop your child. No, not an actual child (which is also very bad). Your smart phone child.

If you have a phone, you have that fear of cracking the screen. Every time I drop my phone, I have a mini heart attack and think, “Could this be the end?” Luckily for me, my Otterbox case that saves the day every time, so much that I needed to get a new one after my first case fell apart.

Other people are not as lucky. According to a survey by, 23 percent of the 2471 iPhone owners surveyed have cracked phone screens. Of that 23 percent, 31 percent said that they would not bother getting it fixed.

Whenever I see a cracked screen, I cringe. Over the summer my brother cracked his new iPad badly enough that you could see the inside of the device. It was tragic for the whole family; he raised that iPad and watched it grow in gigabytes. Then, in a blink of an eye, it was gone.

I am getting the new iPhone for Hanukkah and as soon as it reaches my hand, there will be a case on it. However, some people do not feel the need to protect their phones from the unforgiving world. The phone is fragile and if you as so much text too hard or put it in your pocket the wrong way, there is a chance it could crack.

My friend Zach dropped his phone last month on the ground (only about one foot) and could do nothing to save it. When he went to pick it up he prayed that it would be okay, but it was too late. The sad part is that he never had the chance to say goodbye. Zach’s phone was later revived by the Apple store.

A lot of people actually name their phones. Another friend of mine named hers Jack so that if it was about to fall, she could say, “Don’t let go, Jack.” Titanic was sad, but nothing is worse than a broken phone with a name.

The next time you hear a bell ring, remember to say a little prayer because not only does an angel get its wings, but a phone dies.