Culinary Carvers


Alexis Costa carves a little pumpkin to put in her groups bigger pumpkin.

Culinary classes carved pumpkins Oct. 24-26 to get in the spirit of the fall season and Halloween coming up. This tradition has been going on for four years with 130 pumpkins being purchased this year. Students get to choose a pumpkin provided from the school pumpkin patch with a deal, design it and carve it. They had two class periods to complete it, and were judged on how well the pumpkins have been decorated in the class and have a winner accordingly. Surrounding classes also went in to judge the students.

“I love carving pumpkins because it makes me think of all the happy things in fall, and the fact that we can do it in our class is really exciting.” sophomore Alexis Costa said.

Her group decided to carve a pumpkin eating another pumpkin, a more horrifying approach to the friendly activity. Other groups had designs such as Jack Skellington, Mike Wazowski and Spiderman.

“I think it’s fun just because it’s Halloween, it’s exciting to carve a pumpkin and just doing it with friends is more fun,” sophomore Graciela Cordero said.

Pumpkin carving was a bonding activity as culinary groups work together to sketch out a rough draft to figure out what design to do. Each member had a specific part that they chose themselves to contribute to the long process, cutting the pumpkin open, cleaning the pumpkin, drawing the design on the pumpkin, and finally carving it. They used skills that they were previously taught such as knife usage and safety.

“I love fall and pumpkins and carving pumpkins, so it is a fun experience.” said sophomore Gina Zippo.

Holiday-themed activities allows different learning techniques and teaches students new skills that they can use while cooking. Each student has a different experience and most really enjoy fall and the activities that come with this time of the year.

“This is more collaborative than cooking because when we’re cooking, we have our own separate things.” Costa said.

Pumpkin Carving engages students and gives them a fun activity to complete for the fall season. Every design goes under great thought and the contest is an interesting twist to it.

“I like to go all out when I carve pumpkins,” sophomore Murhaf Hamad said. Halloween festivities expand on students learning while still putting a fun aspect to the activity.