Chorus department presents fall ‘Pop Concert’


photo by Shayne Watson

Chorus’ Concert Choir performs “Broadway, Here I Come” as their first group song. Later in the concert, Concert Choir also performed “Radioactive” as the closing act.

For the third consecutive year, the Chorus Department hosted their ‘Pop Concert’ on Tuesday, Oct. 9, in the auditorium. The concert featured three chorus classes including the highest level, Voices of Hagerty, along with Concert Choir and Husky Chorale, as well as multiple solo artists and duets who performed popular pop songs.

The concert began with students senior James Bryant and juniors Marcelo Felix, Max Griffin, and Adam Johnson singing “Be Our Guest,” which was later followed by multiple soloists and the first group song, “Broadway, Here I Come” by Concert Choir. Throughout the night, the chorus classes presented the rest of their songs, “When I Fall In Love” by the Husky Chorale, “Africa” by the Voices of Hagerty and “Radioactive” by the Concert Choir.

Preparation for this concert started in the beginning of the year, with each chorus class assigned their songs to memorize. Chorus and piano teacher Victoria Rathbun picks six songs in May once classes’ rosters are settled.

“While choosing these songs I think about what their voices sound like and what styles I want to look at for the year since I do have a theme that goes on throughout the year,” Rathbun said. “However, this year’s fall concert didn’t go with the theme I had, which was different.”

Although all three chorus classes were required to perform, those with a solo or a duet had to meet certain requirements; they had to choose a non-classical song, attend auditions after school and go to two rehearsals. For the chorus classes, the only requirement was to show up to one run-through of the show after school on Monday, Oct. 8.

This year, the concert included 80 singers, all a part of experienced chorus classes, compared to last year’s which incorporated freshman chorus classes and soloists. This encouraged students like sophomore soloist Bethany Champlin, to set a more prestige environment and feel more comfortable during practices.

This year was also different from last year because the pop songs were not  well known to singers.

“Last year was a nightmare because we had songs everyone knew really well and we wanted to sing them exactly like the actual song,” sophomore Sarah Marino said. “This year’s songs weren’t familiar so they were more interesting and challenging because they were technically and musically hard to perform.”

The show concluded with a solo by sophomore Lexi Shroll who performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and a last thank you for parents and the audience from Rathbun.

“The concert is something completely different from anything else we do the whole year, it’ a chance for them to connect with what they’re more used to hearing,” Rathbun said.

The Chorus Department will now be preparing for its winter concert, which will take place in the auditorium on Dec. 11.