Painted parking spots a become reality


photo by Jessica Maldonado

Leadership has been promoting juniors and seniors to paint their parking spots through the announcements, Woof TV and signs.


After several years of debate, juniors and seniors are now allowed to paint their parking spots.

There are forms on the Hagerty website under ‘Announcements/Activities’ that must be turned in by Monday Sept. 17, along with a fee of $30 and a sketch of the design. All forms must be turned into English teacher, Sarah Jarem in room 6-117 or to Spanish teacher, Kari Miller in room 6-117B.

The painting dates are set for Friday, Oct. 5 after school from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday, Oct 6 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students must also come prepared with their own materials. Paint must be water-based and latex exterior; any other paints like spray paint or reflective paint, will not  be allowed.

Even though this is the first year that it is being promoted, last year was the first year that students were allowed to paint their parking spot.

“We actually offered it last year, but nobody did it because it was not promoted enough and there was a color restriction of only school colors,” senior class president Brianna Hira said.

Juniors and seniors are allowed to paint their parking spot as long as they have an actual numbered spot; students with a flex pass are not allowed.

Two years ago, students’ were not able to paint their parking spots, but Karlie Harms, a 2016 graduate, was able to get it approved.

“[Harms] came to me first and asked what I thought about it and I said that I’m sure it will be approved,” assistant principal Christy Bryce said. “We went to Dr. Williams and said that we would like to do this because it promotes school spirit and it gives another privilege to the seniors and the ability to make their parking space their own.”

While Harms was the one to get the idea approved, Hira was the one who was able to convince Williams and administration to allow all colors to be used.

“Oviedo let their students paint their parking spots so we took that to our administration and we were like ‘Oviedo is doing it, we want to’,” Hira said. “We took it to Bryce first and she was very supportive, then I just had to go to Williams and ask her if we could use other colors, and she ended up being fine with it.”

All other information like rules and regulations can be found on the forms linked down below or students can visit the athletics office in building 1 for further questions.