More lenient dress code in place


photo by Jessica Maldonado

Elizabeth Aritza and Leeann Andrews leave their Creative Writing midblock class. While off the shoulder tops were not allowed last year, this year they are.

Jessica Maldonado, Lifestyles Editor

Senior Lexi Groenink is familiar with last year’s dress code.

“I’ve been dress coded so many times,” said Groenink. “I have been dress coded for off the shoulder tops, my pockets coming out of my shorts, and even when I wore a regular t-shirt, and while I was sitting, my back showed a little.”

On Aug. 14, Hagerty’s Facebook page, posted a list of the new dress code, a code that is more lenient for students.

This year off-the-shoulder tops and tank tops that are at least two finger wide are allowed, shorts must be at least two fingers in length below the buttocks, and rips in jeans are allowed as long as they do not show any undergarments.

“I’m so glad it changed because we live in Florida where it gets hot and it allows for cute new trends,” senior Serenity Anderson said.

Last year’s dress code caused many complaints from students and parents, so administration created a dress code committee run by students; however, not much changed until Tuesday’s posting.

“I think the reason why they decided to change it was because so many girls stood up for what they wanted,” Groenink said. “We all felt that the dress code was really sexualized towards girls and we were told that showing our shoulders would distract boys.”

Students felt passionate about changing the dress code that was enforced for so long. Debates on whether a more lenient dress code would affect the learning environment, as well as, asking what too far for respectable school attire is which led to many debacles between staff, administration and students.

“[The new dress code] is much more reasonable and less stressful for both students and administrators,” sophomore Rachel West said. “Now, instead of worrying about dress code, students can focus more on their classes and administrators can focus more on other important things.”

On Monday, students will see an in-depth video of the new policy for dress code on Woof TV.