The end is only the beginning

Cover for Netflix show The End of the F****ing World. The show was released on Oct. 24, 2017

Cover for Netflix show The End of the F****ing World. The show was released on Oct. 24, 2017

Car chases, disguises, every news station broadcasting their face. No one would expect to find these in an ordinary teen road trip story.  The End of the F***ing World features two teenagers going on a road trip, one being a rebellious girl and the other being a boy who is pretty sure he is a psychopath. The pair decide to run away from home, leaving their abusive and annoying families behind them. However, the boy has a plan. He has always found an interest in killing animals, his next big target being a human.

This show was extremely successful, and despite the dark undertones, was quite popular with younger viewers. Kids have found a way to relate to it, even if the characters are insane. The plot line was extremely suspenseful and kept you on the edge of your seat since minute one.

Nearing the beginning of the show, there is a plot twist that completely counteracts what viewers expect to happen. This split from of the predictable route carries the suspense episode through episode. It creates a level of suspense, because it is completely unexpected to what will happen next. This kind of writing keeps the viewers interested and involved in the storyline.

The two main characters are portrayed with no emotions, and the actors do an extremely good job at doing that. For example, when James was a young boy, he stuck his hand into a fryer just to “feel something.” As the story develops, viewers can see the characters developing feelings with it. This level of contrast makes events in the story more dramatic and influential. It also makes watchers empathize with the characters and feel what the characters are going through.

Along with this, the story is much more realistic than other shows and movies. It does not give people an unrealistic expectation of love and that all their problems are solved just because they run away from them. This is shown when Alyssa runs away from her family, but her family problems stay with her when she goes to visit her estranged father.

Some people consider the humor and plot to be outlandish or too dark. However, the humor reflects the personality of each character. James and Alyssa are almost complete opposites, James being an antisocial and awkward person who just goes along with things, while Alyssa is an outgoing person who doesn’t care what people think. The plot line also reflects themes of mortality and rejects the possibility of a ‘perfect life.’

With the popularity and success of the show, the ending leaves room for a second season, but there is no confirmation. A possible next season will continue on with the story of James and Alyssa, forcing them to veer off the graphic novel it is based on. However, you can guarantee that many people, including me, will be hopefully awaiting another installment.