College scholarship advantages

Many students looking at colleges base whether or not they want to go to a college on its features such as whether or not they have certain amenities like sports teams, school colors and fraternities;  not on scholarship amounts, class size, school size and professors.

Schools that lack football teams or other common amenities should not be overlooked; students should look at whether or not they offer scholarships, class size and school size.

Scholarships are offered by many schools or through federal funds, like FAFSA and Bright Futures, as well as smaller scholarships that can be applied for. FAFSA can be applied for online, and determines what you need to pay and whether or not you can pay for college and college classes and offers a free assistance to the federal aid process.

“All students should complete a free application for FAFSA. You never know, you could qualify for some government money – which is free money,” College and Career room operator Mary Cullen said.

Other schools offer large scholarships, such as Seminole State College, that cover the cost of classes for students that do not qualify for Bright Futures and other federal scholarships, only requiring a 3.0 GPA.

There are four types of scholarships that are offered at SSC including general, program-specific, high school graduate and adult high school/GED, many with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Students should also take into account the school size when looking for colleges. A small school size is better for students who want a personal relationship with their professors with small lectures and small classrooms. A large class size is better for students that are looking for a larger clas, with large lectures compacted with people and less person to teacher interactions. A school with a smaller class size tends to offer larger scholarships.

But large schools offer many programs such as sports, clubs and fraternities that small schools do not offer. University of Central Florida is the second largest campus in the U.S. and offers campus life such as fraternities and football in the big east conference. Large schools are less likely to offer scholarships and are more competitive to get into, and are not meant for everyone. Many large schools do not offer large scholarships, but that depends on instate, out of state and private universities.

Scholarships can be looked at through the school and through scholarship agencies such as and, but if a site asks for money or payment to use, it is most likely a phony site.

If schools are too expensive with the scholarship, community colleges such as SSC are a good value, offering classes from $200 to $500.