Serving those who serve


Fairly priced barbeque with a side of patriotism, Mission BBQ is a rustic-style restaurant dedicated to honoring veterans. Their mission is to give veterans a special experience while visiting and fundraise in return for their service. Around lunch time, employees salute the American flag in order to pay their respects. Showing their patriotism, the business has dedicated veterans parking spots and serves free dessert to visiting veterans. Organizations supported by Mission BBQ include USO, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and the Navy Seal Foundation.

Along with respect, gratitude, and great service, there are classic barbeque dishes such as pulled pork, pulled chicken, or brisket, and these are served with classic sides like mac-n-cheese, green beans, or fries. A variety of sauces are offered to accompany the meals. I tried the pulled pork with fries, which, accompanied with the appropriate sauce, was a pretty average barbeque meal. Nothing really stood out about it, however, the dessert definitely made a home run. They gave my grandpa free bread pudding when they saw that he is a veteran, and even discounted his entire meal. The dessert menu changes regularly, but the treats will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth.

The mouth-watering dishes are guaranteed to complete the patriotic experience, accompanied by the appropriate décor: wooden tables and chairs, galvanized accents, and veterans tributes displayed on the walls. Mission BBQ carries a very strong, smoky, barbeque aroma. Although it completes the rustic theme, I went home smelling like a southern night campfire, which wasn’t the most comforting souvenir. Although,  they definitely made sure to incorporate every sense in order to enhance the experience.

When eating at Mission BBQ, expect delightful dishes and a significant story behind your meal. This restaurant will teach friends and family about patriotism and respecting our veterans, as well as offer a delicious meal to hit the spot.