PTSA, ambassadors host ‘Sit with Us’ lunch


photo by Mizbah Ateeq

Junior Cooper Kirk and student ambassador Madyson Johnson converse with other students attending the ‘Sit with Us’ lunch.

Student ambassadors and the PTSA hosted their first monthly ‘Sit with Us’ lunch in the Group Projects Room on Thursday, Dec. 7, where kids who had no one to sit with at lunch had the opportunity to make a new friend in one of the club members.

“We saw a lot of kids at lunch sitting alone,” junior Lincoln Mitchell said. “We figured they were new to the school, so we wanted to welcome them and connect them to new friends.”

With the lunch taking place in a separate location rather than the cafeteria, it allowed the students that attended to meet ambassadors in a more relaxed environment.

“It’s kind of just chill and casual,” junior Arden Reidy said.

Recently, the club has begun integrating and promoting the ‘Sit with Us’ app that allows students who sit alone at lunch to have the opportunity to sit with an ambassador, all the while keeping the whole process in the privacy of a cell phone.

“This way it’s very private,” Natalie Hampton, the creator of the app, said on “All Things Considered,” a National Public Radio show. “And you know that you’re not going to be rejected once you get to the table.”

While turnout was low this time around, PTSA parent Kristie Munro is confident more students will hear about what they are doing and either come to one of the lunches or use of the app.

“Even if only one student came, we were successful because that one student was able to find some people that were willing to sit with them,” Munro said. “We are hoping it’ll grow as we have lunches each month and that more people will hear about it and feel comfortable coming.”

The next lunch will be held in the Group Projects Room on Thursday, Jan.11, during first and second lunch.