End of the week treat


photo by Sarah Rhodes

Many cupcakes are decorated according to a specific theme. The arrival of fall has brought many cupcakes with pumpkins.

The Seniors Activity Committee hosted their second Cupcake Friday, and it was a hit as usual. Cupcake Friday takes place once a month to raise money for senior activities like Paws on the Wall, senior breakfast, and Backyard Bash. Students can purchase cupcakes for 50 cents at both lunches to enjoy a sweet treat with their lunch.

A lot of planning goes into making each cupcake Friday work. Angela Shears is a member of the Senior Activities Committee who plans each cupcake Friday. She starts by contacting the school a few weeks before so they can advertise the event on WOOFTV and social media accounts. She also sends emails out to parents asking for cupcake donations.

All cupcakes are donated by parents, and those volunteers selling the cupcakes at lunch are parents as well. While some prefer to make them by scratch, others decide to buy them from the store. Either way, a variety of cupcakes are available. Many are decorated according to a theme like Halloween, fall, or even minions. Shears always wants to ensure that there are enough cupcakes for all students, which is why she asks for a minimum of 1200 cupcakes.

“There is nothing more disappointing than having a student want to buy a cupcake and telling them we have sold out,” Shears said.

Although cupcake Friday is a lot of work, Shears enjoys the outcome. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween are always the most popular since the parents love to get involved and make specially-themed cupcakes.

“Hagerty High parents are amazing and are always willing to step up to help whenever and wherever it is needed,” Shears said.

All of the hard work pays off in the end as students rush to lunch with their money to buy the best cupcakes possible. It is not uncommon to see students double fisting cupcakes as they walk to their lunch table.

“I like cupcake Friday because the cupcakes are so cheap and they are great tasting,” senior Kendall Pooley said.

Pooley enjoys themed cupcakes over regular ones because of the cool themes that parents come up with. She especially likes the cupcakes that have rings on the top, and always looks forward to each cupcake Friday.

Junior Kate Medla, on the other hand, rarely eats cupcakes, but enjoys this special event since it is one of the few times she indulges in this sweet treat.

The next cupcake Friday will be held on Oct. 27. Seniors with an October birthday will receive a coupon for a free cupcake. Any senior parents who would like to help or receive email updates can sign up by emailing [email protected] and simply say “add me.”

“The best part is watching the students approach the tables and really take the time to look at each cupcake before they decide on one,” Shears said.