John Chitty, 11 – Live Oak Reserve


Junior John Chitty and sophomore Madeleine Chitty experienced knocked down trees and snapped power lines in their front yard and a flooded backyard during the storm. Both John and Madeleine were staying at their dad’s house until they received a phone call from one of their neighbors warning them that power lines were coiled and sparking in their mom’s front yard. Immediately, they went to their mom’s house located near the Chuluota area to help and found police and the fire department taking care of the situation. John Chitty also found multiple large fallen trees, as well as a flooded backyard; plus he had no power until five days after Irma. Receiving help from neighbors, Chitty and his family were able to clean-up after the storm which took four days.

“[Cleaning up] my mom’s house took a few days of hard work,” John Chitty said. “Therewere branches, limbs, trees and leaves everywhere so we had to sweep the entire road.”