Jared Bast, 9 – Pickett Downs


photo by Jared Bast

A flooded Pickett Downs street in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Boarding up all the windows and cutting down trees, freshman Jared Bast and his family fully prepared for Irma. During the hurricane, Bast lost power for six days and did not get it back until Sunday, Sept 17. However, since his neighbors had a running generator, Bast and his family went over their house and took showers. Living with no power or running water for three days, Bast decided it was better to go to Sarasota with his mom and stay at his grandma’s house while helping out with the damage.

“I could’ve stayed until Sunday at my house but I wanted to help clean up all of the damaged areas in Sarasota,” Bast said.