President protecting the people

Emily Cosio, Staff Reporter

Eighty-seven killed. More than 400 injured. A truck plowed into Nice, France on July 14, 2016 during a national holiday celebration. This incident, as well as countless others, was committed by a member of ISIS. This is exactly the kind of attack that President Donald Trump’s travel ban will prevent.

Keeping America safe has been a part of Trump’s campaign since day one and the travel ban is a big step towards this goal. Trump signed an executive order that imposed a temporary travel restriction from prominent terrorist harboring states. The intention of the ban is not to last forever, but give the government enough time to establish a vetting process that can properly and thoroughly screen refugees. These countries have proven to be harboring terrorists which are unreliable and unsafe to the American people.

The protection of our people should be our top priority. There were seven major terrorist attacks in Europe last year. National security is more at a risk now than ever before and Trump clearly recognizes that fact. The travel restriction is not only a precaution but a necessity.

Many foolish people do not realize the danger of terrorism and are getting upset about the travel ban. They think that everyone should be allowed into the country, but this policy could and would allow dangerous people to enter the country with insufficient screening. With the recent violent attacks, the safety of the U.S. is constantly at risk. Now that Trump is the leader of the free world, protecting the American people is a major part of his job, one that he is handling aggressively, forcefully, and most importantly, successfully. These protests are unnecessary, and are not looking at the long-term result of the restriction. They just see a few people who cannot get into the country, and then the endless protesting begins.

Protesters should look at some of the tragic incidents that have happened, and realize the potential dangers that the travel ban will help us to avoid. Nobody wants American citizens to become victims of terrorism. Trump did not order the ban for no reason, he wanted to secure the well-being of U.S. citizens. Protesters claim that the restriction is directly affecting over 90,000 people. America’s population is 318.9 million people. The safety of millions of people needs to come before the emotions of thousands. Besides, Trump is not saying those people can never return. He wants to prevent attacks, but after the restriction, then those people can properly become citizens.

Although all seven countries are predominantly Muslim, the purpose of the restriction is not to ban Muslims, but to ban sharia supremacists. Trump’s intention, which many people can agree with, is not to get rid of all immigrants. He wants to make sure the country is protected and recently America has not been doing a great job at that. Our country was built on immigration and it should continue, but it has to be done legally, and proper screening is a necessity in order to protect the American people from threats.

Conservatives should not have to apologize for Trump pressing a pause button to double check that the immigration system in place now will keep Americans safe. Nobody is saying that the ban is permanent, but the safety of Americans has to come first. Up until last month, it was not a priority but Trump’s travel ban has changed that.