School spirit for Lake Brantley game intensifies

In addition to the usual drumline performance celebrating the biggest football games of the season, a DJ was featured in the main cafeteria, courtesy of Principal Mary Williams, during first and second lunch to hype up students for the Lake Brantley game on Aug.  30 at Lake Brantley High School.

“She made game day a lot more fun, it’s more about school spirit and fun than policies,” senior Lizzie Connor said.

Earlier in the week Williams appeared on WOOF TV encouraging students to show their support by attending the Lake Brantley game via a “spirit” bus, which was free to the first 50 students who turned in a signed permission slip form. The bus both drops off students in time for kick-off at 7:30 p.m. and returns them back to the school parking lot after the game.

“The promo made a lot of kids feel more excited about attending the game,” junior Jeaneva Frawley said. “It was really funny when she said ‘started from Lake Brantley now we’re here.’”

The spirit bus also provided a ride for many students who would otherwise be unable to attend the game because of lack of transportation, as well as providing a fun environment for the ride over.

“It’s more fun to ride in a bus full of a bunch of other spirited people than riding over by yourself,” senior Sean Cosentino said. “We want to get rowdy tonight.”