New additions at Oviedo on the park


Senior Megan McKeel works on homework at the new Starbucks. Students often go to Starbucks and Chipotle to work on schoolwork.

Oviedo on the Park, with concerts, movie nights and swan boats is fast becoming a favorite local destination, but the area is still expanding with the most recent additions including Starbucks and Chipotle.

Chipotle opened last week, but Starbucks opened Aug. 10, and both are filled most evenings and weekends.

The City of Oviedo council created Oviedo on the Park as a downtown area where people can go to enjoy food, music, shop, do business and live in year.

“We wanted to offer our community more variety on places to eat, and it helps our economic growth,” said council member Cindy Drago.

The managers of Starbucks and Chipotle also thought it would be a good location because it is between multiple high schools and universities, helping them bring in more revenue.

“I think it’ll be very popular because students will be able to go there for a quick bite to eat before classes or in-between them,” said sophomore Lane Thompson.

The openings have been highly anticipated, with students  waiting for something to open up closer than either the Starbucks and Chipotle on University Boulevard or Starbucks at the Oviedo Mall, now it’ll be easier to get there.

“I’ve been excited for them to open because they are two of my favorite places,” said sophomore Caroline Campbell, “Now I don’t have to go as far and I will be able to go more often.”