Girls volleyball sweeps Lake Howell

On Tuesday, Aug.30, the girls’ volleyball team faced off against district rival Lake Howell and won in a 3-0 sweep. Head Coach Juanita Hitt and the girls won every set by over 10 points and stunned the Hawks, continuing their win streak. The team is now 3-1 in the season and is not showing any signs of stopping.

“We won this game by passing well and also by limiting the errors whenever we could,” Hitt said. “We are a very strong team.”

Varsity came out strong in the first set, winning 25-7 and setting the tone for the rest of the game. They never gave up the lead in the first set, much in part due to the play of  hitters Anne-Marie Watson and Samantha Cooney.

“I’ve been working on seeing the block earlier and being able to know where the ball is going and timing it better,” Watson said.

The work ethic of the team led them to a second set victory by a score of 25-13. Hitter Morgan Romano and Cooney each pelted the Hawks with a set of kills, leading them to a second set victory. The strong showing in the second set crumbled the hopes of a comeback for the Hawks and all the girls had to do is close it out.

“We [have been] focusing on finishing out our games, like when we are up 2-0 just to close it out,” Watson said.

The third set was much of the same with the girls taking control and winning the final set 25-9.  Cooney led the team with seven kills and Watson threw in a couple blocks to send the Hawks home winless.

“Right now I’m not focusing on what other teams are doing, I’m focusing on what we need to do on our side of the court,” Hitt said.