Mirror image


Sophomores Cameron and Nicholas Smith spend time together at Cocoa beach. The brothers enjoy spending time together on vacations, including at beaches.

Most students look into a mirror to see themselves, but for sophomores Nicholas and Cameron Smith, it’s as simple as looking at each other. Nicholas and Cameron  are identical mirror image twins, which means that their features are exactly the same, only flipped.

“In all honesty, twins aren’t all they’re cracked up to be,” Nicholas  said.

As twins, Nicholas and Cameron  have to put up with each other for long periods of time, both at home and at school. Also, since they often need and want the same supplies, the twins are often required to share their belongings. Because they are the same age, they need the same things at a similar time, which leads to them having to share more things than average siblings.

“Usually, it’s not a problem. But if we don’t have two of something, like our Xbox, we have to share,” Nicholas  said. “This often results in one of us pestering the other until they finally relent.”

In addition to being the same age, they also have similar interests and often want the same things. even when they aren’t sharing their belongings, their stuff often looks similar and leads to people mixing them up.

“We like the same food, same clothes and games.” Nicholas Smith said. “Basically everything, to be honest.”

One of the ways the twins deal with constant mix-ups is to respond to both their brother’s name and their own name  The miscommunication  can be confusing, but the twins refuse to change their interests to distinguish themselves.

“I will never change what I do,” Nicholas  said. “I could honestly care less that we are similar.”

Nicholas and Cameron Smith also have to deal with the way  people’s perception of them changes due to their twin. Many people look at them differently when they realize that they have a twin brother.

“I think it makes people envy me, as most people think having a twin would be great.” Nicholas  said.

Nicholas and Cameron  may have similar interests and look identical, but they are two separate people, with separate interests and ideas. People often forget that fact, which can be frustrating for them.

“We are separate people, and who your family is shouldn’t affect people’s perception of a person.” Cameron said.

There are a lot of things that go along with being a twin, including buying school supplies in different colors to avoid mixing them up. But not everything about being a twin is frustrating. Having classes with a sibling can make it easier to make up work when absent.

I enjoy classes with Nick because I can ask him to help me if I need it, or if I missed something he can tell me what it was,” Cameron  said.

Having a twin can also help ease the pressure of a high school social life. Rather than starting alone and having to make friends, Nicholas and Cameron  start out with one friend already.

“I’ll always have a friend in my life who likes most of the same things as me.” Nicholas  said.