O-Glow proves colorful


Flying paint, glowing people, and blasting music happened on Friday, Aug. 16 during the annual fundraising event at Oviedo High School, O-Glow. Between 1700 and 1800 students were piled at the door, waiting until 7:30 p.m. to start squirting various assortments of neon paint at strangers.  Oviedo charged$20 per ticket during school hours and $25 per ticket at the door. Oviedo made approximately $35,000 after hosting O-Glow this year.

“Besides the sweaty bodies surrounding you and random paint flying into your eyes and mouth, I had an incredible time just being with my friends, messing around and trying to push each other to the ground,” Junior Maddie Bohlen said.

However, dancing and pushing people to the ground was not the only thing going on in the school gym. Paint bottles were thrown in the air and several people were hurt because of this action.

“A bottle hit her right in the face and her nose was red. She looked like she was going to cry and she was so pissed off after that,” Bohlen said.

The authorities of the school repeatedly threatened to shut down the event and they turned on the lights once to warn people that they were not joking. Despite the multiple threats, the event continued on uninterrupted for the rest of the night.