Robotics holds camp to prepare for upcoming season


Aashni Patel (left) builds her robot for the camp’s competition. The robot was built to be tested against the other teams.

From Aug. 3 to Aug. 5, robotics held a camp to introduce their club to freshmen and recruit for the next season.

The camp introduced newcomers to a miniature robotics season so they could prepare for the upcoming year. Over the course of these days, tasks were given modeling what members will face this year.

“It was really cool because they did all of it from scratch as freshman,” club president Matthew Mason said. “They know more than we thought because most of them took robotics in middle school and came in with experience.”

The camp members were separated into groups and each created a robot to complete a task. On Friday, a tournament took place in which the three teams competed against each other.

“They are all really eager, they learn quickly and they seem to be doing really well with the challenges we throw at them,” 4717 Team Leader Tori Guise said.

The camp was not required to join. Instead, the club leaders used it to introduce freshmen to what robotics club is about.

This season, robotics will attempt to hold meetings during the weekends as well as their usual Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We realize that meeting on the weekends is more flexible because we can meet here, the lab at UCF or wherever we need to,” Mason said.

Weekdays will be reserved for fundraising and notebook work.