Dance program closes out season


photo by Jacob Arthur

Dance student performs a lyrical solo at the March 17 show.

Dance invites students to join them at their spring show on Friday, May 13 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium for $5 by showcasing a variety of groups ranging from those in Dance Tech 1 to the Unleashed Dance Team.

With this year’s theme Come Fly With Us, the spring show will travel to different destinations starting with “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra. This flight attendant themed number will feature the Unleashed Dance team as they kick off their dance around the world.

To match each song, the different groups will have costumes for each performance which will coincide with the style of the music. Costumes range from elaborate Las Vegas showgirls for jazz numbers to classic leggings and jackets for hip-hop.

“Our costumes are really fun,” JV Unleashed Dance team member Lesly Corona said. “[They are] very creative and appropriate to each song.”

In addition, the show will include different dance styles such as salsa, lyrical, hip-hop, Bollywood and country, giving the dancers an opportunity to explore a variety of different dance techniques.

One of the large group numbers will consists of only members from the National Honor Society for Dance Arts to “Salute” by Little Mix. This brings together all of those who have been in dance over multiple years and met the qualifications of the honor society.

Another large aspect of the show is the significance placed on seniors. To recognize seniors and their involvement in the dance program as well as how they have grown over high school, five will be performing solos.

In addition, seniors will be featured through the lyrical, senior goodbye number where all seniors perform to “When We Were Young” by Adele.

“The senior goodbye dance will be really emotional,” junior varsity Unleashed Dance freshman Victoria Pride said. “We will miss our seniors.”

Overall, the event is an opportunity to showcase the work those in the dance program have put into the class throughout the school year as well as recognize those that have dedicated themselves to the class over multiple years.