New audition process used for theater


In May, theater teacher Anne Stout held auditions for the fall play, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” instead of having them a few months in advance like usual. The number of students who showed up exceeded normal.

“We are encouraging more people like underclassmen and freshmen to audition,” Stout said. “I think it will create more diversity and a more open atmosphere.”

Due to Stout’s background in theater, she thought having a more realistic type of auditioning would be better for the students.

The auditions are also closed, so instead of performing in front of a group, the actor performs in front a small group of judges.

“I like how you’re getting a one-on-one type of audition,” sophomore Cassie Hess said.

The auditions ended up being a success and roles were cast fairly quickly whereas in the past the process took longer.

Urinetown, the spring musical, will have the same audition process and will take place in December.

Stout hopes this extra script time will help boost students confidence and get them ready for the real world of theater.