Girls water polo squeaks past Oviedo


photo by Malcolm Robinson

Goalie Jasmine Morris blocks the net in the face of a possible goal

After a close game against Oviedo on Wednesday, March 9, the girls water polo team managed to edge out their competition and earn a 7-6 win. While Oviedo maintained a lead early on, the girls caught up near the end to establish a single point advantage.

The team was glad to have finally won after at least a year-long streak of losses against the team. This is the seventh game the girl’s team has played this season.

“It was ecstatic. The game was a lot of fun, but still stressful because Oviedo is one of the better teams in Seminole County,” junior Emma Steinebronn, who typically plays the wing position, said.

For most team members, Oviedo’s performance and plays during the game were exceptional, but able to be overcome nonetheless.

“They were all very fast swimmers but they didn’t play hard defense, so we weren’t being drowned the whole time,” sophomore Elena Fulginiti said.

Near the end, goalie Jasmine Morris blocked a shot from Oviedo to prevent them from tying the game. Tense moments such as these kept the audience and the players on edge, and contributed to how much effort the girls team had to put into the game.

“We had to put twice as much effort forward to beat them,” senior Andrea Berdejo said. “We didn’t have to be stronger or faster. We just had to be smart. We knew their strengths and weaknesses so we used that to our advantage to beat them.”