Newspaper staff to host fundraiser at Sweet Swirlz

Newspaper staff to host fundraiser at Sweet Swirlz

On Thursday, Dec. 17, the newspaper staff will be holding a fundraiser at the Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fifteen percent of all proceeds from that night will go toward the Blueprint publication.

“The debate team has been holding a lot of fundraisers at local restaurants, and it’s been hugely successful. Sweet Swirlz actually reached out to us and offered this fundraiser as a way for them to get some business and for us to get some money,” newspaper editor-in-chief Sophie Hill said.

Employee and 2014 graduate Sam Sorkin reached out to the newspaper staff to create the event. Sorkin was a former newspaper staff member.

“Sweet Swirlz loves reaching out to local organizations, clubs and schools to give back to the community,” Sorkin said. “It happens to work out perfectly since it is also acting as a treat to all Hagerty High students for all the hard work they have done so far this semester.”

The staff plans to use the money raised to expand their print edition of the newspaper. This year, the staff changed the size of the paper, going from 20 small pages to eight large ones. Only four of the eight pages are printed in color due to costs, and with money from the fundraiser, the paper could go entirely to color.

The last issue of the newspaper every year is always a senior issue, with half of the newspaper devoted to pages for seniors. However, with less pages in the newspaper this year, there is less space available for the senior issue. The staff would like to also use any money raised to add more pages to this year’s senior issue to fully encompass everything they want to.

“In our senior issue, we have a lot of lists and short stuff, but I’d love to see some featured seniors that maybe people haven’t heard about,” newspaper adviser Brit Taylor said.

This is the first time the newspaper staff has hosted a fundraiser. The paper has always been free to students and has relied on ad revenue for its production.

“Hopefully people come out and support us. Newspaper works really hard to write stories, to come out with the print edition and the online edition and to take photos,” Hill said. “To see students give back to our program would be really, really nice.”