Bond does not “skyfall”

Bond does not “skyfall”

Look out Mission Impossible, there’s a new spy movie in town and it’s not failing to impress.

To start off, the new James Bond film “Spectre” brings qualities to the screen which its predecessor, “Skyfall,” failed to show, such as a quite decent story and action sequences that actually fit in well with the story. The film even shattered box office records in Britain for its opening weekend.

The film takes place not too long after the events of “Skyfall” and sets Bond on a mission to find and kill a man who would, in turn, lead him to a secret organization which springs the movie deeper into the plot. The story and writing make the movie feel like a legitimate spy movie rather than an excuse for action and violence.

With a 2:30 runtime, the movie slows down during certain scenes; however, the film picks back up whenever new information is revealed or another visually stunning action sequence appears on screen, such as a helicopters doing flips in the air and Bond jumping from piece to piece of debris as a building collapses, making seeing the film even more worthwhile while also picking up the pace.

Speaking of the action sequences, there’s not a moment in this movie where you’ll feel like there’s ‘too much action.’ The way this movie was written was made so that none of the action sequences felt like they came out of nowhere (minus the opening action sequence whose purpose is explained later into the film); but the writing always makes it seem necessary to the plot.

The opening credits add to the experience with a music video-like intro which is pretty cool to see; most people may remember Adele’s “Skyfall,” which was recorded for the opening credits of the last James Bond movie, and “Spectre” does not disappoint.

In the end, “Spectre” may be a bit lengthy, but with a decently good story and some great action scenes, it is definitely worth seeing in theaters.