Band plans first trip since the pandemic


photo by Stephanie Watson

Band performs Christmas songs in Germany in 2019. Hagerty band has been planning the upcoming trip to Washington D.C. for the first time since COVID.

When COVID erupted throughout the world, it led to restrictions that made travel unsafe and unrealistic, including band trips. 

For the first time since Germany in 2020, the Hagerty band will be taking a trip to Washington D.C. to perform in their annual Cherry Blossom Festival in April 2024. 

In previous years, the band has performed in the Thanksgiving day parade in Washington D.C. In order to secure these roles, band directors Brian and Brad Kuperman had to submit an application showcasing music the band has played. 

For junior Mia Caccavale, this trip is a great opportunity to make new memories of her senior year of high school. 

I’m excited the trip is my senior year because it’s like one last goodbye, and it’ll just make my experience in high school band feel complete, ” Caccavale said. 

In order to register, students were sent a link to the travel company’s website where they can sign up. There are estimated to be about 130 attendees with prices ranging from $1,400 to $2,088 including chaperones. 

Leading up to the trip, students will attend rehearsals to work on the music they will be performing and learn how to march in a parade.  

Band directors Brian and Brad Kuperman have many plans for what the students are going to be experiencing and are eager to get back into doing trips. Their main goal is to be able to go on them every two to three years so that every student has the chance to go while in band at Hagerty. 

Throughout the trips, students will be visiting many of the Smithsonian Museums. On the last Washington DC trip, they saw the National Symphony but this time they hope to see the marine band. 

“Trips are a good bonding experience for those who go. Everyone always comes back with great things to say,” Kuperman said.