Run to Tron Lightcycle Run


photo by Disney Parks

Set to open for general public April 8, Tron Lightcyle Run is an exhilarating futuristic ride. Although it is fun, the wait might not be completely worth it without a fast pass.

Upon entering the building you are placed in a room with a window that doubles as a screen. Futuristic lighting warps across the screen and then promptly fades away to reveal a window to the ride and upper parts of the line, setting the tone of the ride by creating a very futuristic environment. With no natural light, the glowing blue cycles illuminated the room adding to the immersion.

Disney World’s new ride, Tron Lightcycle Run, based off of the 2010 film “Tron: Legacy,” and modeled after Disneyland Shanghai’s Tron Lightcycle Power Run, is set to open April 4. After four years of construction a preview for the ride has been opened up to annual passholders, staff and family of staff.

It is not a typical ride with a bench seat—instead you mount a lightcycle, and are strapped in in an almost horizontal position, but the seat remains comfortable. The moveable back peace allows you to rear up during the ride while still remaining secured, and the cycles have a compartment for phones and other small belongings.

The ride starts by slowly driving you through a glowing tunnel before shooting you out into the outside portion of the coaster. Riding at the front  gives for an extra exhilarating experience, seeing no other riders in front of you gives you the feeling that you are in full control of the lightcycle.

After going through the rides outdoor section, you are flung back into the inside portion which has a lower speed but is visually appealing. This part of the ride feels like a futuristic Space Mountain having similar drops and turns to the classic attraction with a modern touch.

Overall the ride is enjoyable but its short duration may make it not worth waiting the expected one to three hours it will take to get on once the ride is opened fully. If you can secure fast passes it might be a fun ride to try once, but it is nothing spectacular.