Take this album one song at a time


photo by Apple Music

Morgan Wallen released his new “One Thing at a Time” album on March 3. Wallen packed this album full of both Billboard hits and newly created songs with killer melodies and catchy lyrics.

Watching the “Sunrise’ in your “F150-50” became a dream for Morgan Wallen fans this past week. As one of country’s most popular artists, Wallen released his new 36 song album, “One Thing at a Time” on March 3. After releasing his three-song teaser just months before, Wallen’s fans had been anticipating the album and were not let down. With songs about his usual heartbreak all the way to the tough part of facing reality, Wallen’s album was packed with plenty of favorites for everyone. 

From Billboard hits like “You Proof” to newer upbeat songs such as “In The Bible,” Wallen put this album together to feature his true country twist and elevate the excitement for the launch of his upcoming tour.  Wallen featured other country artists like Eric Church, HARDY and ERNEST, bringing many different styles to the album. 

Within the first day, Spotify reported a total of 52.29 million streams, setting the record for being the most-streamed country album in a single day by a male artist on Spotify. While this is impressive, it was no shock with Wallens killer melodies and catchy lyrics “One Thing at a Time ” was sure to have millions listening on its release day. 

Although many anticipated successes with Wallen’s new album, it truly went beyond expectation. The entire album was filled with many exceptional and unique songs like “Last Night” and “180,” songs that made you want to stay up listening to it on repeat all night. Both songs were very upbeat and used a combination of bass and a lively melody giving them a more pop country, but catchy feel. 

After “Thought You Should Know” and “Don’t Think Jesus” were released back in 2022, the anticipation for “One Thing at a Time” was through the roof and Wallen delivered with much more than what those songs promised. The “One Thing at a Time” track list is larger than anything Wallen has done in the past and had over 30 outstanding songs from Wallen. 

 Don’t get it wrong, not every single song was to die for but the transition between songs like from “I Wrote The Book” to “Everything I Love” gave you a variety spanning from upbeat exciting country to hitting you in the feelings, you may relate to something on the track list. 

Being a country artist, Wallen’s album may get looked past by pop, rap or other genres but truly, “One Thing at a Time” is worth a listen from anyone. If you decide to listen in order from beginning to end or hit shuffle, let the music guide you. There is no wrong way to listen to “One Thing at a Time.”