photo by Netflix

Released on Netflix Feb. 23 season three of “Outer Banks” picks right back up with the fun Pogue adventures. Although it does not match the other seasons, the storyline is still intriguing and there is something for everyone.


Renewed for season four before it was even released, season three of  “Outer Banks” takes viewers on an adventurous journey for the city of gold. Filled with fights, romance and adventure, this season has something for everyone. 

Released on Feb. 23, season three of “Outer Banks” stars Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyne Cline as Sarah Cameron, and the other Pogues from past seasons on their search for the infamous city of gold, El Dorado. Although the show falls a little short of previous seasons, with new characters and storylines, the new season still gives the “Outer Banks” joy. 

While the storyline following the group’s hunt for El Dorado is a common one in action-adventure series , season three manages to take the idea in a fun, creative direction. Instead of a typical city made of gold in the middle of a rainforest, “Outer Banks” takes an unconventional approach that pulls viewers in, and makes viewers wonder how far they will have to go to find it. 

Along with that, season three gives viewers more of their favorite characters as well as new ones. This season shows more of the different struggles they face, from Kiara’s (Madison Bailey) problems with her overprotective parents to JJ’s (Rudy Pankow) opposite challenge of not really having a family, turning the show’s attention from mainly John B and Sarah to the group overall. 

Previously underdeveloped characters like Cleo (Carlacia Grant) also provide fans the satisfaction of  getting to know more characters that become major parts to this season. While Cleo was briefly introduced in the previous season, this season provides more information about her background and shows more personality. From her witty remarks to Pope (Jonathan Davis) and her bluntness to his parents, it is hard for viewers to not instantly love her. 

However, the satisfaction of new characters did not reach everyone. Season three of “Outer Banks” picks off right where season two left off, meaning it also left off on [spoiler if you have not seen previous seasons] the announcement that John B’s dad, Big John (Charles Halford), was still alive. Throughout the season, the audience gets to know him and unlike Cleo, you can not help but hate him. Big John gets overly obsessive about reaching the treasure and some of his actions seem selfish and pointless. By the end of the season, he becomes the Pogue version of Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), and makes viewers realize that maybe bringing him back was not the best idea. 

Despite some unnecessary additions, “Outer Banks” season three still does not disappoint. It gives viewers everything they want and more, making it a season anyone can watch. With the success and cliffhanger of season three, viewers will be eager to see what season four has in store.