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Major depressive disorder: Sarah*

When Sarah* had her first episode, she could not get out of bed. When she had her second, she struggled to brush her teeth or her hair, or take a shower. After visiting the doctor, she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and general anxiety. 

“My anxiety has caused me to freak out while driving. It has made me almost get into multiple accidents because I can not pay attention,” Sarah* said.

Sarah* is on medication for her depression and anxiety. She feels like they do benefit her significantly, but there is a downside. 

“I hate how much I have to rely on my medicine every single day. It has become my emotional crutch and I want to become less reliant, but I feel like I would shut down without them,” Sarah* said.

Her relationships are affected on a daily basis because of the mental disorders she has. Sarah has gotten into many disagreements with her family, boyfriend, and friends over some things that may never happen.

“I often imagine scenarios in my head that will not happen. When I get scared about these situations I tend to start arguments with the people they are about. I hurt other people because of things I imagine in my head,” Sarah* said.

Sarah believes that even though it can hurt when people say that mental disorders are not that bad, it is just because they are uneducated.

“I have heard so many people talk about how people are over-exaggerating when talking about their mental disorders, but they really have no clue what having one is actually like,” Sarah said. 


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