Who do you love?

TikTok —  one of the most popular social media platforms — is a place where everyone can express themselves. From fitness to comedy and even inspirational content, TikTok has it all. Many students have a creator they follow, and often share similar interests with. Whether it’s fashion advice or the latest dance trends, TikTok is the place for a world of unique content. Here are some students who use TikTok regularly and their favorite creators or content they take inspiration from. 

Austin Whitworth: Fitness and motivation content

“Alex Eubank and Haddy Abel are creators who inspire me to make content [that] makes others want to improve themselves and work hard.”  “Alex Eubank is inspirational and expresses his faith.”



Maya Jakubowski: Dance and trending content

“Favorite videos to make are dancing videos with trending sounds, [but] my favorite content to watch is comedy videos.” “Usually we use sounds that we see are trending because we know it can make us trend.”



Bryce Padilla: Fashion and trending content

“Get ready with me [videos] are therapeutic. I almost turn my brain off watching them and just enjoy, and they also give me helpful tips.” ” I watch Enya because her style has always been something I admire whether it’s her makeup or hair or outfits I always enjoy seeing them and I get that a lot through her social media.”



Emma Barona: Trending and humorous content

“I [enjoy] posting whatever comes to mind that I think is funny. Sometimes I’ll post a video of myself or me with a friend–other times it’ll be a trend that I did with my friends. I like to post things that make me happy.” “I like watching get ready with me [videos], fashion inspiration, comedy or just videos of people talking about a hobby, experience or idea.”