Penguins slide into theatres

If cute and cuddly animations are your thing, and silly jokes make you laugh, then the Penguins of Madagascar could be your new favorite movie. Those who love the Madagascar series should go watch as well. It keeps in line with the adorable graphics and has the same childish sense of humor, making the story about Skipper, Kowalski, Riko and Private a worthy sequel.

The audience gets their first dose of cuteness when the movie begins with the penguins as babies. The scene shows how they became the covert birds everyone knows when they break away from the pack to save Private’s egg from getting eaten by sea lions. It then flashes forward to where Madagascar 3 ended, making fun of the famous “We like to move it” song in the process, a fitting beginning. To begin the penguins’ next big adventure, they meet new faces, like their “nemesis,” Dave the Octopus, and clash with another covert operation group, the Northern Wind. The tension between the two groups causes the audience to erupt in laughter, like when Dave escapes and leaves them lost at sea together leaving the starved penguins floating in a piece of debris while the Northern Wind enjoys a fancy lunch in a floating room next to them. But eventually the two agent groups learn to share the spotlight.

More so than the other movies, the Penguins of Madagascar focuses around the cutest member of the group, Private, who tries to prove his place in the group since in Skipper’s eyes, he is just a decoration.

Throughout the movie, endearing graphics please the eye, while silly sound bites keep the audience entertained, like when Dave says “Nicholas, cage them!” The penguins’ humorous stunts, like breaking into Fort Knox just to get to the cheese doodle vending machine, provide laughter that make it enjoyable even if you are not a 10-year old. It is impossible to watch the Penguins of Madagascar without having a smile constantly plastered on your face. The movie is made for giggles and family fun and seeing whether Private can prove himself and save all the penguins from Dave’s evil plan of revenge.