Do not buy this ticket

Released in theaters Oct. 21, Ticket to Paradise is the newest movie to join the rom-com world. The movie, however, does not feel like a trip to paradise.

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Released in theaters Oct. 21, “Ticket to Paradise” is the newest movie to join the rom-com world. The movie, however, does not feel like a trip to paradise.

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A “Ticket to Paradise” sounds like something you would want to get on board with, but in this case, this is a trip you should avoid. The only sights on this adventure will be predictable plots and pointless people. 

Released in theaters Oct. 21, “Ticket to Paradise,” is the newest movie in the rom-com world starring Julia Roberts as Georgia and George Clooney as David. It follows Roberts and Clooney as they play a divorced couple trying to stop their daughter, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), from marrying a man she just met in Bali. 

Just like every other rom-com out there, you can guess what is going to happen next: Girl and guy meet, they fall instantly in love and change all of their plans to be together. From the moment Lily meets Gede (Maxime Bouttier), you know exactly where the relationship will go next.

Even though the movie is about breaking Lily and Gede up, you never get to really know either of them. The few things you are given is that one is going to be a lawyer, the other is a seaweed farmer and how they both want to “find themself.” Neither of them have any real substance besides wanting to marry each other two days after they meet.

Instead of focusing more on the main characters, “Ticket to Paradise” writers put a lot more detail into pointless details, such as background characters and minor scenes. There seemed to be a lot of  “filler” aspects such as Georgia’s random super young flight attendant boyfriend Paul (Lucas Bravo). 

Despite a mostly tiresome plot and useless people, there were some scenes that will make viewers laugh. Between multiple failed wildlife encounters, random pong table matches and a weird dance party, you are able to laugh once or twice. 

However, “Ticket to Paradise” is not worth the ticket or the time spent watching it. The movie has one or two good scenes but other than that, it is exactly what you would expect from a predictable rom-com.