Chorus students attend All-County


photo by Rebecca Kuerbitz

Chorus students attend All-County. This was an opportunity for them to learn from college professors and work with other schools to improve their skills.

Calming her nerves, senior Hannah Kuerbitz prepared herself for her big moment. Looking at the lyrics on the page, she absorbed the music she was about to perform for her solo during the All-County Chorus concert. 

On Thursday, Nov. 3, five chorus students traveled to Millenium Middle School to work with other chorus teachers from all over Florida, including Stetson University and University of North Florida. All-County is an ensemble made up of students from all over Seminole County, which gives students the opportunity to improve their musicianship and focus on techniques in more detail than they would in the classroom. At the end of the day, students were able to perform their prepared pieces with the other members in front of an audience. 

 “I look for the best students in the program that are outgoing and trustworthy, especially if I am taking them off campus, and are willing to put in the time and work,” Hickey said. 

Students were chosen to attend All-County to refine their skills and learn more about what it takes to grow as a whole as well as individually. For Kuerbitz, it was her chance to find confidence in her talents and achievements. 

“I was really nervous and afraid that I would do it wrong and voice crack or forget something, but I did fine and I think I gained a lot of confidence from it,” Kuerbitz said. 

Students were able to work on their teamwork skills as well as their individual craft, as they spent a lot of time making sure they were making a unified sound and giving the best performance they could. 

“I think we all learned a lot about how we have to work together in order to do things correctly. Things like making sure we start and stop together are really important and we have to listen to each other in order to do that,” Kuerbitz said.