Cultural Appreciation Club celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


photo by Skyler Glenn

Cultural Appreciation Club President Diego Osorio speaks to members about the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month. At the meeting, members ate traditional Hispanic foods and learned Bachata, a Dominican dance.

On the final school day of Hispanic Heritage Month, members of the Cultural Appreciation Club made a circle around the classroom. Traditional Spanish music started to play, and members split into pairs. They followed along as two dancers performed the Bachata, a traditional Hispanic dance. CAPC President Diego Osorio had never done the dance before, but ended up loving it.

“My favorite part was the turn in the Bachata because it makes the dance smooth,” Osorio said.  

On Friday, Oct. 14, the Cultural Appreciation Club held their second meeting of the year. Members celebrated and learned more about the significance of the month while enjoying traditional foods, such as empanadas and pastries. Senior and CAPC member Will Edmonds joined the club to learn more about people from different backgrounds.

“[The club] allows you to understand different traditions that people all around the world do,” Edmonds said. “There are diverse cultures that exist in our town that have unique traditions.”

This year, assistant principal Reginald Miller made it a goal to increase the visibility of Hispanic Heritage Month. Over the course of the month, the Hispanic Student Union was formed, the Black Student Union held an “Encanto” door decorating contest, and a Spanish Honor Society member read a fact about an important Latin figure on the announcements each morning. Additionally, the school held “Fiesta Fridays,” in which Spanish music was played at both lunches. 

While most events ended with the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, CAPC will continue all year. According to Osorio, the goal of the club is to honor global cultures while also providing a safe environment for members to make friends. He hopes that celebrations of different cultural holidays and months will continue to grow.

“I hope CAPC keeps educating students on different cultures that we can use later in life, and more importantly, just have a good time,” Osorio said.

The next CAPC meeting date is yet to be determined, but Osorio plans to theme the meeting around Native American Indian Month. More information about the club can be found on Instagram, @hhs.capc.