Painting the path

National Art Honor Society uses chalk to raise suicide prevention awarness


photo by Caitlyn Hale

Sophomore Ana Lawrence draws two hands holding each other to show people helping others in need. The members of National Art Honor Society drew this along with other things to spread suicide awareness ‘outside the Seminole County Health Department.’

While most people use chalk to draw sweet things like rainbows and flowers for fun, the National Art Honor Society drew for a cause. On Sept. 14, NAHS drew chalk art outside the Seminole County Health Department in Sanford, with the goal of spreading awareness for the new suicide prevention hotline.

“They put us there because they want to have a cool showing,” art teacher Omar Otero said. “So they give us a subject matter, and have us draw whatever is happening with the subject.”

In July, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline shortened its phone number to 988. For this reason, NAHS showcased this number in their drawings. Alongside the 988 number, they drew people helping others, hearts, holding hands, drawings depicting certain stigmas around reaching out for help, and some more lighthearted pictures. 

“We know that there are people that do not know about the suicide hotline and we would love to spread the message that there are people to help those thinking about suicide,” president Amanda Negron said. “The drawings are a good way to grab people’s attention and they are easy to understand.” 

The group’s  main goal was to open people’s eyes and raise awareness about the hotline while doing something they love. 

 “You can only do so much in school—only Hagerty students are going to see it inside the school,” Negron said. “So it is great when we go outside and do field trips that way, we are helping people we do not know.”

The next meeting for National Art Honor Society members will be Sept. 26. According to Vice President Caitlyn Hale, along with normal meetings and outside of school projects, NAHS will be doing chalk art at the breast cancer awareness football game and painting murals around school by the request of teachers or staff members.