Save your time for Parking Time


photo by Joshua Krob

You open the app and place your finger on the screen, slowly dragging the arrows until they align with the key icon you are trying to collect and the parking spot. You let go, your car drifting gracefully into the spot, and you are met with a screen commending you for winning with a blatant grammatical error: “Congratulation!”

Released April 17, Parking Time is a fairly easy parking game more similar to aim-and-shoot games like Bowmasters and Tank Stars than driving simulators like 3D Driving Class or Driving Academy Car Simulator. Players must aim the car into a while avoiding obstacles like passing traffic or roadblocks.

Though most Unity games lack difficulty, this game is an exception, as each level promises newer, harder challenges that are sure to keep the player on their toes. Parking Time also gives users the ability to buy different “skins” or car bodies and effects, many of which resemble real car models such as the Ford Mustang Shelby or McLaren P1. These skins are interesting, but they don’t change the playing experience until you get one of the more expensive, larger vehicles, but even then the change is minimal.

Parking Time’s cartoonish graphics seem to be intended for younger audiences, but players of all ages are sure to find themselves enjoying this game.