SGA holds informational meeting for potential candidates


Sophomore Lauren Bliss fills out her Intent to Run form during SGA’s informational meeting. The form, along with teacher recommendations, are required to run as a potential candidate.

In preparation for the upcoming year, SGA held an informational meeting on Wednesday, March 30, in which sponsors Karie Miller and Sarah Bearss disclosed the responsibilities and requirements that a student government position entails. 

“I think student government is a great opportunity for students to see what’s going on in the school and have a voice with things that directly impact them,” Miller said. “It’s an opportunity to work with the school board and their representatives on a higher level.”

During the meeting, students received a form that requested information on their preferred position and were provided the SGA Constitution containing requirements pertaining to next year’s elections. Although students who did not attend the meeting can still register to run for a position, all applicants are expected to submit their forms by April 4. According to Miller, students may not campaign until elections officially start, and they must be willing to attend the meeting on April 12, during which candidates will finalize eligibility and discuss campaigning.. 

“Right now, nobody is running for anything; you’re just interested in running for something,” Miller said. 

Student government is made up of both class officers, who solely represent their grade levels, and executive officers that represent the student body as a whole. Candidates will air their campaign speeches on April 21 and 22, and voting opens on April 28 on the student services eCampus page. Bearss warns that although SGA granted students with some leeway in regards to active participation as it adapted to COVID restrictions the previous year, students will not enjoy as much leniency going forward, as every officer is expected to participate in fundraisers, attend meetings and contribute ideas.

“If you want to commit to a position, you not only need to be in leadership but you need to be able to commit time after school to these events,” Bearss said. 

Planning to run for treasurer or vice president of her class, freshman Amaya Waters attended the meeting with hopes of rejoining SGA the upcoming year, taking on more responsibility as a sophomore officer. 

“I help out whenever it’s necessary. I go to meetings and I go to events,” she said. “I think it will be heavier but I don’t think it’s something I can’t handle.”