Dawn of a new age


photo by Spotify

Released Jan. 7 by The Weekend, “Dawn FM” is made up of 16 songs. Available on Spotify, Apple music, youtube music, and Pandora

The Weekend

After the success of his album “After Hours,” The Weekend, Abel Tesfaye, released his fifth studio album “Dawn FM” on Jan. 7. 

The Weekend’s latest album creates the feeling of listening to a radio station on the road to the afterlife. The radio station host is voiced by Jim Carrey who reassures listeners to relax and enjoy this painless time by listening to some music. 

While hearing a narration is not normally what you hear when listening to music, it adds a unique touch to his album and creates a good transition into his music. 

And the music is good. Some of the best songs on his album include “Here We Go… Again” and “Don’t Break My Heart.” These songs, along with the others, gave a ‘80s pop vibe throughout. Many also include a panning effect making it sound like the music is going from one ear to the other when using headphones. 

However, not every track is a fun ‘80s pop song. Tracks like “A Tale by Quincy” and “Every Angel is Terrifying,” are featured narrations that are a good addition but are not things you would want to listen to when you simply want to enjoy music. Although they have good meanings, they do not provide the same enjoyment as other songs on the album. 

While there are a few parts that could be better, the album was good overall and the songs get better throughout. When The Weekend ties it all together with a speech about regret, listeners will not have any regrets about making it through “Dawn FM.”