Theater works on ‘Cinderella’ production


Sophomores Giovanna Sciulli and Liliana Cleider work on painting for Cinderella’s upcoming production. Sciulli and Cleider are working with set crew.

If anyone has a pumpkin the size of a minivan, the drama department would like to talk to you.

On Dec. 17, the cast and crew for Troupe 6885’s production of Cinderella was announced, with rehearsals beginning Jan. 5. For this production, the theater department is focusing on the Broadway version of Cinderella: “Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.”

Cinderella will be played by junior Mackenzie Allis and senior Olivia Martin, as well as the fairy godmother, Marie, being played by sophomore Naia Johnson.

“[My favorite part is] that I have gotten really, really close with the other Ella, and I didn’t really have that opportunity before,” Allis said. “It’s the same thing with [the actor] who’s playing Topher; we’ve become really really good friends.”

However, the production requires the work from crews of people who will not be performing on stage. These crews include props, set, lights and sound, costumes and publicity.

“We’re like a big happy family,” freshman Katana Henderson, who works on the set crew, said. “When building the trees for set, we had to draw a lot and use power tools, but we just had to work together [to make it happen].”

Costumes coordinator Marlie Tollefson describes the onstage transformations as being one of the most exciting parts of the show.

“Our onstage transformations are part of what keeps the stage and music magic [alive]. It is a fairy tale; It’s got to be kept magical,” Tollefson said. “We are renting dresses right now and there is a transformation for the fairy godmother when she reveals herself. [The transformation] is done completely by the actor to keep the magic more real.”

Posters for the production will be out in the beginning of April, made by the publicity crew, who is responsible for the creation of the playbill. 

The Cinderella production is set to air from April 7 to 9 in the auditorium. Tickets will be advertised through posters around the school, as well as through morning announcements closer to the production dates.