“Coffee with Counselors” answers parent questions


photo by Joshua Krob

Counselor Nick Maby watches and listens to “Coffee with Counselors.” He helped answer any questions that the parents might have had.

While most people are happy to see last year’s virtual meetings disappear, there are still some times where it makes sense. For counselors Nick Maby, Aaron Isaacs and Michelle Cortes, it’s “Coffee with Counselors.”

“Coffee with Counselors” is a WebEx meeting done twice a quarter where parents are able to ask questions about the college admission process and how they can help their children get into their dream schools.

“This is a way for us to disseminate the information that we give directly to students, to their parents, so their parents get a clearer understanding of the information that’s available – the resources available to help with the harder to apply things like FAFSA,” Isaacs said.

The counselors informed parents about a number of topics, including high school credits, dual enrollment, Bright Futures and tests such as the SAT. Though they are generally well-versed in high school topics, some questions are better answered by the school or business in question. 

“We work really hard to provide as many resources as we possibly can for our students,” Maby said. “We are not experts in the college field, but we do have a good amount of knowledge on how to direct you where to go with the things that need to be done.”

There were a lot of big important takeaways that counselors wanted the parents to note, including things such as the tailored help the College Board offers, how to prepare for large tests and exams and what job fields will be the most lucrative in the near future. 

“Ideally, by presenting some of these options, students will be able to create their own questions and guide the counselors on what they would like to see in our next round of coffee with counselors,” Isaacs said.

“Coffee with Counselors” allowed counselors to get their message through to many families at once. The WebEx was made easy to access within multiple places, such as eCampus and the Hagerty website, to ensure any family with an internet access can attend.

“Parents could just take a lunch break and pop in. So I do think we’re definitely going to offer more. this is something that we really enjoy doing,” Isaacs said.

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